Saturday, 4 February 2012

Thief (1981)

Trailer Title Screen

Country: USA

AKA: Violent Streets


  1. Great idea putting the title screen from the trailer up, its one of my very favorites, much like the movie itself. I've always thought the trailer was so damn dynamite: there's no other V.O. except for the last, when Cann ejects that half-empty magazine from his .45, then pops a fresh one home - this is honestly one of the only times you see this is a film, where a character actually uses a lull in a fire-fight to reload his sidearm BEFORE it's empty. It's smart and one of the hallmarks of Michael Mann: hyper accurate firearm details. As you know, I am from Texas and appreciate such things to no end, giving I'm a firearm geek myself, naturally. And while I'm like you, I much prefer Mann's earlier work, I do in fact love (and I mean on a visceral level) HEAT. Any-who...

    THIEF is as special as a film gets, one I am overjoyed is finding a wider audience these days, due to the airtime (and in HD, too!) it's getting on movie-channels over here in the U.S.-of-motherfucking-A! I just can't get enough of: "I wear a hundred-and-fifty dollar slacks! I wear silk shirts! I wear eight-hundred dollars suits! I wear a gold watch! I wear a perfect, D-flawless three-karat ring! I'm THIEF!!!"

    Oh man, and Tuesday Weld to boot! Tangerine's "flawless" score! Oh, holy hell, how I love it so!!!!

  2. Yes Greg, where possible I will be including the trailer title card as well. But I've already found a number of examples where the trailer and film title card are identical. EXTREME PREJUDICE was an interesting example, because the film, trailer, and teaser/TV spot all utilised a different design, hence the three images posted.

    I'm rather ignorant to the finer points of firearms, but now you mention it, it does add a certain reality to the film. Especially when compared to say INVASION U.S.A with the Chuckster.

    Believe it or not we are still waiting for a decent DVD release of THIEF in the UK. But I think it's only a matter of time before we see a Blu-ray of it. The situation for Mann's second film THE KEEP is even more depressing...that qoute from the film reminded me of some of the promo's cut by wrestler Ric Flair in the 1980's :-), perhaps THIEF had a major influence on The Nature Boy as well.


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