Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Rear Window (1954)

Trailer Title Screen

Country: USA


  1. Have you seen the Richard Franklin film ROAD GAMES? A great early 80's Australian road picture that's a kind of remake of this classic. It's an odd yet very entertaining little film that makes you wish Stacy Keach had become an international superstar. I highly recommend it, partner.

  2. I have indeed seen ROAD GAMES, and it's a great little film. If I remember correctly Jamie Lee Curtis also features. If memory serves me correctly you're never sure if the Keach character is correct in his assumptions until the finale. Unfortunately Franklin was unable to translate the quality of ROAD GAMES when he made the shift to Hollywood. Casting my eye over Keach's career, the choices he made seem a little erratic. I think that ROAD GAMES, THE NINTH CONFIGURATION, and THE LONG RIDERS stand out the most for me.


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