Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dirty Harry (1971)

Trailer Title Screen

Director: Don Siegel
Country: USA


  1. One of the coolest opening credit sequences ever put to film. It's not just due to the stunning views you get of the San Francisco Bay area either, nor is it the look and feel of the film stock (warmth couple with high contrast due to the blazing sun) that does it; nor is it Harry's wardrobe (a cool tweed coat over a maroon sweater and tie) either, nor his kickass shades that make it so; it's not even Lalo Schifrin's iconic score that makes it one of the coolest credit sequences in the annals film; no, it's the subtle performance of the man himself, Mr. Eastwood, that makes it so cool. It's just in the way he moves, the way he inhabits the now iconic character. You get right off the bat that this man has seen it all and then some, that he's not one to suffer bullshit or dish it out. In fact, you almost learn all you need know about Harry Callahan before he even utters a single line. Oh, how I love it so.

  2. Ahhh the maroon sweater, the tweed jacket! I have a jacket very similar to that actually. I also have a pair of Dirty Harry sunglasses, but alas I do not have .44 Magnum! It is a very cool opening sequence, but what really makes DIRTY HARRY is Andy Robbins' unhinged psychopath Scorpio. In the original draft of the screenplay he had more backstory, and was in point of fact, a Vietnam veteran! It's a shame they didn't develop this angle in the film.


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